Welcome to Computing Techniques.  We hope to impress you with the breadth and depth of experience we can bring to any project.  Call us the next time you find yourself understaffed for a new project, or for troubleshooting existing systems.

Our Mission

CTI strives to stay at the cutting-edge of technology.  Active participants in product pre-release and beta-testing programs with a variety of  vendors, CTI can provide insight into those technologies which are evolving and those which are short-lived.

Company Profile

The original founders of Computing Techniques emerged from several years of systems and application development at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Their skills ranged from operating system development to online applications and statistical analysis and modeling. Now twenty years later, Computing Techniques professionals are assisting with these functions, as well as CASE developed applications, real-time data acquisition, legacy-interfaced PCs, data mining and much, much more.

More than any other factor in business success, finding and keeping skilled and experienced professionals is key to any successful business. CTI offers professionals a challenging career with opportunities for growth and advancement. Unlike most contractor "body shops," CTI allows consultants to accept offers of full employment by client companies.

Talent, skill, experience: Computing Techniques seeks out the well-rounded professionals required to solve today's business problems. CTI attracts and provides only contractors with the specific skill and experience needed to successfully complete client projects. A client is never surprised to find that the contractor they brought in to provide a skill-set is learning those skills on their "nickel."

Contact Information

Telephone (262) 242-3734
FAX (414) 242-3532
Postal 2380 N. 124th St.
P.O. Box 26276
Milwaukee, WI   53226
E-mail sales@callct.com